Local Programs

The following local programs are derived from local studies by Grafton league members. If needed, league members will take action at the local level on these positions. We also advocate and take action on positions of the State LWV (LWVMA) and National LWV (LWVUS).


  • Regionalization of solid waste disposal and resource recovery.
  • Recycling efforts in Grafton.


  • The concept of a professional administrator to assist the Selectmen in the managing of the Town.
  • Long-Range Planning on Impact of Growth on Grafton:
    • Support the Comprehensive Master Plan with a Five-Year Review.
    • Support the Comprehensive Plan process by encouraging League members to serve on the committees.
    • Support yearly funding to enable public acquisition of open space.
    • Support the preservation of the town’s semi-rural character.
    • Support efforts to ensure administrative staff is adequate to implement the Comprehensive Master Plan.
    • Support Town Officials to explore the benefits and deficiencies of regionalization of services.
    • Support efforts by the Planning Board to manage growth, including alternatives to conventional zoning.
    • Support the requirement for all boards to develop three- to seven-year long-range plans.


  • A recreational director for the Town of Grafton.
  • Efforts to improve the quality and management of existing recreational programs.


  • The position of curriculum coordinator.


The principle that special education programs should ensure that students are educated to reach their full potential,
learning to the best of their abilities the skills they will need to lead productive lives as informed and contributing citizens in their communities.

The following measures are vital to the success of special education programs:

  • comprehensive outreach and assessment to identify and serve children in need of special education services as early as possible;
  • review and, if needed, revision of the processes and procedures used to identify children in need of special education services to ensure their effectiveness and accuracy;
  • appropriate and ongoing training of regular education teachers and staff to address the needs of special education students in their classrooms.
  • The development of practical and timely measurements that the public can use to evaluate the effectiveness of special education programs.
  • Wide dissemination and clear communication with parents, educators and others about the availability and applicability of special education services.
  • The principle that local school districts should be responsible for the provision of services to special education students which meet the goals of the Individual Education Plans.


Support the Grafton Senior Center and the services and resources it provides to Grafton seniors in order to maintain quality of life and safety while residing in their own homes.



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